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Change is constant. Managing and sustaining it does NOT have to be a never-ending headache.

New initiatives. New products. Updated regulations. Revised procedures. The list goes on and on. Whether your team is rolling out the change or applying it on the job, NavAI makes navigating change easy and sustainable.Create and modify highly engaging content with a point-n-click editor. Use NavAI’s smart, adaptive, and experiential  tools to effectively deliver information and knowledge that matches the way your employees work. What they want. Where and when they need it.

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It starts with learning, but it's so much more.

Create training that captivates your employees and sustains change across your organization.

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No Code Required

No Code Required

Our point-n-click authoring tool makes it simple and easy to create interactive experiences. Make NavAI your training hub or simply drop a URL into an existing LMS training program and go!


Putting the AI in NavAI

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Employees need personalized coaching? No problem, our AI is built to not only help your employees find what they need but also apply it in their day-to-day job.  

Experiential Learning

Don't just tell your employees what to do, let them experience it.

Immerse employees into your training using easily configured, realistic simulations.

Experiential learning is the most powerful way for people to learn new skills. Up until now, it was only possible with Instructor-led training. Using advanced multi-sensory learning technology, NavAI makes experiential learning possible and affordable in an eLearning setting.

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Iterative Learning

Build skills faster, bring value quicker.

Mastering something new is a process, not a big bang event. With NavAI, your employees will learn, apply, and master a skill before moving to the next one. Practicing in a safe environment provides employees with feedback along the way and the confidence to apply it on the job. Why wait to put a new skill into action?

Adaptive Learning

Don't waste their time with what they already know.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all training program. Have your training adapt to each learners specific needs and skillsets to maximize their time and productivity. Allow employees to navigate down their own learning path. Sending them on a journey with multiple potential outcomes, where they can experience and practice a plethora of scenarios.


Digital Coaching

Provide your employees with individualized support using AI

Managers promote change, but don't have the time to guide and support it when the demand is greatest. Use NavAI to guide employees down the right path and provide additional support when it’s needed.


Have our Digital Coach pop in when extra guidance is needed. NavAI can provide helpful tips or additional information when an employee needs some course correction. It can also provide encouragement to pep-up your employees and their progress or when they do a good job. All without you having to devote extra resources to support each employee.

Just-in-time Training

Training on Demand.

Don't rely on memory.  Provide employees the information they need, when they need to use it on the job.  No more wasting time scouring documents, phoning a friend or just winging it. Give employees the tools to stay compliant to the latest and greatest.  


NavAI makes it easy to go back and reference useful content whenever employees feel like they need a refresher. Simply search for it or pin it for reference later.


Want to see how NavAI can help your company?

Every company is different but NavAI is built with that in mind. Let’s have a conversation and talk about how NavAI can be best used at your organization.

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