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NavAI was built at the intersection of passion and frustration.

The reality of it is, training looks the same as it did 20 years ago. Having participated in either in corporate training or have spear-heading change initiatives we've concluded that it's time for something radically different. 


Going through the "traditional training" is painful.  Making sure that everyone is doing their training is like pulling teeth.  And on top of all of that no one knows where to find that information afterwards. What a waste.

We are passionate about giving people the resources they need in order to do their jobs as easily and effectively as they possibly can.


Speaking from Experience.

NavAI is powered by Zealic Solution’s vast experience in software development in the healthcare and life science industries.

We partner with our clients to ensure a successful outcome.

The Zealic Team brings more than a cumulative century of Healthcare and Life Science technology experience to the table and we offer much more than just NavAI.

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