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Are your employees dealing with information overload?

Every company, big or small, has a mountain of documents, reference material, communication systems, etc.  All of which are there to help make employees jobs easier.  However, that’s really only true if the employees can actually find what they’re looking for.  NavAI gives your employees a streamlined way to get answers to work related questions all by leveraging the things that your company already has.

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Everything you need at your fingertips.

Save time and effort by connecting all of your enterprise information into a single hub.


With NavAI


It all starts with a search

All-in-one Tool

NavAI searches all of the collateral your company already has.

Give employees one tool that navigates all of your company's systems, information, training, documentation, etc. and allows them to do their job better, faster, more predictably while simultaneously lightening their work load. One search finds everything.  


AI Recommendations

Our AI makes recommendations to help your employees find what they’re looking for.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill search console. NavAI doesn’t just look at the content entered into the search bar, it takes the context of the search and each individual's job into account in order to deliver relevant results. It knows what your employees need and recommends the things that will help them the most.

Result Filtering

Employees can easily filter results to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Quickly narrow down the search results with filters like project, source, content type and media type so employees guarantee that they find what they're looking for.


Result Pinning

Want to save something for later? Pin it.

NavAI makes it easy for your employees to reference things they use the most by letting them pin any result so they can easily navigate to it later.


Individual Recommendations

The more your employees use it, the more NavAI can help.

NavAI pays attention to how each and every person uses it and tailors it’s recommendations and search returns to best serve the user.


No more digging around and spending enormous amounts of time trying to find anything.

It's all right here, just ask.

Want to see how NavAI can help your company?

Every company is different but NavAI is built with that in mind. Let’s have a conversation and talk about how NavAI can be best used at your organization.

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