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NavAI focuses on the most critical resource in your company - your people, their productivity and their happiness. 

Their jobs are challenging enough.  NavAI helps them navigate the complexity of change like no other tool.

smart search

Navigate change.

Give your employees the tools to navigate and sustain change.  What they need.  When they need it.  To do their jobs.

Navigate Change
Two Parts

Why you need NavAI.

It’s no secret. Employees are overloaded with information.  Finding the right information is one of the biggest challenges your employees face. Time and talent are wasted digging through emails, documents, systems, and on and on. And that information constantly changes. Employees are expected to learn new ways of doing things and apply them based on memory … or digging through training. These are frustrating issues for employees and management alike but NavAI is here to help you navigate it.

Experiential Change

Experiential Change

It starts with learning… but it’s so much more. Create an experience that engages employees in learning, promotes application, and sustains change in your organization.

Smart Search

Smart Search

Give employees the power to locate the essential knowledge and information they need to do their jobs. When and where they need it.

Effective Learning
Smart Search


Double the power.
Double the impact.

NavAI approaches it from two angles.


Help your employees recover wasted time.

Employees waste some 10% to 20% searching for the information they need to do their jobs.  Free up that time and money by using NavAI to make it quick and easy for employees to find what they need in an organized structure, so they can focus on their job.


Do more than help your employees learn new things.  Help them sustain change.

Engage your employees in learning new skills and ways to do their jobs. Using our highly interactive tools, create a learning experience that engages your employees and causes change to be sustained in your organization.

Been there, done that.

NavAI is powered by Zealic Solution’s vast experience in software product development and the healthcare and life science industries.

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