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Onboarding a Sales Rep and turning them into a Rainmaker

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

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In today's highly competitive business environment, onboarding sales reps and turning them into rainmakers is crucial to the success of any sales team and the company as a whole. Not only does it help a company to set the tone for new sales hires, but it also gets them acquainted with your company, its culture, product knowledge, duties, goals, and mission.

Only by creating a well-established onboarding process can companies increase job satisfaction and performance, eliminate the stresses new sales reps may have, and greatly increase their chances of retaining their top talent. According to research by Glassdoor, companies with a strong onboarding process improve new hire productivity by over 70% and retention by 82%. Another report states that companies that opt for technology when onboarding are 57% more effective at sales training than those that don’t. With that in mind, providing well-designed onboarding training for sales reps allows companies to shorten time-to-productivity and bring a new hire fully up to speed quickly and easily.

The Challenges of Onboarding Sales Rep

onboarding challenges

When hiring new sales reps, companies should provide sales onboarding programs that get new sales representatives up to speed as fast as possible. To be great, Sales Reps need to master three things:

  1. Applying selling best practices and techniques: this will help a sales rep to achieve a sale by using different techniques and methods to find the right customer, establish trust, present solutions, and close the deal as fast as possible.

  2. Acquiring and staying current on product knowledge: being the most important element for closing sales, product training with an emphasis on product knowledge helps your sales reps to provide a trustworthy experience for the prospective customers and leads to complete a sale quickly.

  3. Being disciplined and organized in following a sales ops process: staying ahead of sales ops processes allows sales reps to become more productive and efficient.

According to a survey of 384 companies, it takes an average of 4.5 months to ramp up a new sales rep. However, almost 20% of companies take longer than seven months to get their sales reps up to full productivity. In companies with larger sales teams, it's time-consuming and expensive to deliver critical knowledge, training, and reference sources across all three of these areas to everyone who needs them. In addition, it’s even more difficult to deliver such knowledge interestingly and engagingly that encourages the sales reps to take the time to utilize it, and reference it when needed, on the job.

How to turn a Sales Rep into a Rainmaker with NavAI

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There are a great number of strategies and approaches that companies may apply as part of employee onboarding. However, effective training plays a large part in the onboarding of the new sales reps and shortening learning curves. Companies backed with a strong incentive to use software solutions when offering training can shorten ramp-up times, increase new sales reps’ productivity and drive revenue growth.

The artificial intelligence in NavAI enables companies to craft effective onboarding programs that offer on-demand and engaging sales training that’s customized to each user’s needs. Engineered to overcome the above challenges, NavAI makes it easy to provide a sales team with critical knowledge across the three areas they need to grow your revenue. Let’s take a look at its key features:

  • Experiential, interactive, simulation-based scenarios, train sales reps by challenging them with real-world scenarios applicable to your product, best practices, and process.

  • Dynamic adaptive learning allows them to spend time focusing on learning what they need while automatically skipping what they already know.

  • Micro-learning journeys fit the flexible schedule that sales reps like the most about their job.

  • An Animated, game-like experience makes your content more fun and engaging compared to traditional training like documents and videos.

  • A powerful search feature, along with micro-learning journeys, makes it quick and easy for your sales reps to find and reference knowledge they need when facing challenging situations or that they may have forgotten.

What makes all of this possible is the three core elements of NavAI:

  1. An easy-to-use authoring tool: Our point-n-click micro-learning journey builder, allows anyone to quickly and simply create an endless number of micro-learning journeys covering an array of situations and scenarios.

  2. A unique, interactive, animation-based learning application: Tap into all of the critical human senses, making an engaging and memorable learning experience.

  3. A very powerful search tool: Use AI to personalize each search, helping users find what they need as it applies to their role, job, assignment, etc. Plus it goes beyond finding NavAI content and searches across multiple sources, including email, document repositories, messaging applications like Slack, and even into applications like SalesForce.


Bottom line: Want to power your onboarding with NavAI?

Every sales leader or business owner is looking for the best and quickest path to sales productivity, especially for their new sales reps. Only by delivering effective online training with NavAI can you successfully integrate new sales reps into the company and begin completing deals as soon as possible. Delivering essential, easily accessible information allows new sales reps to achieve the results you need to move your business forward. If you're a sales leader who wants to grow revenue and exceed your quota by helping your sales reps be more skilled, more knowledgeable about your products, have better operational discipline, or helping them sell better schedule a demo to see just how easy and affordable it can be.

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